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Higher Education

1968-1971 M.A. Department of Geography, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
1971-1975 Ph. D. Department of Geography, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Academic Ranks and Tenure in Institutions of Higher Education

1975-1978 Lecturer, Department of Geography, Haifa University.
1978-1993 Senior Lecturer, Department of Geography, Haifa University
1989-1990 A visitor Professor, Queen Mary College, London
1994 Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Haifa University
1997 A visitor Professor, Portland State University
2003 Full Professor, Department of Geography and Environment Studies, Haifa University
2011, Retired, Professor Emeritus, Haifa University

Selected offices in university academic administration

1977-79 The Head of Department, Department of Geography,
1979-89 The Head of the Geographical Team, School of Education, Haifa
1979-80 Faculty Appointing Committee, Haifa University
1980-85 Academic Administrator of Emeq-Yizreel College.
1983-84 Head of the MA Program, Department of Geography
1980-89 Committee of the School of Education, Haifa University
1991-94 Head of Department, Department of Geography, Haifa University
1995-98 Curriculum Committee, Faculty of Social Science
1998-01 Ph.d Committee, Department of Geography, Haifa
2002-2005 Head of the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Haifa University
2006-2009 University Appointing Commmitte, Haifa University